Halloween Fun

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Some costumes we made for Halloween 2014.






Projection Mapping Face

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This is a shot of a real life 3d surface (in this case a paper mache mask) which has been mapped in Adobe After Effects. An animation of a face is then warped in such a way that it can be projected perfectly onto the surface without distortion when viewed from any angle. Not bad for a Sunday’s work!

(Difficult to recognise, but it was originally Enda Kenny’s face!)

Fun with After Effects

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I just completed a short After Effects evening course. With a bit of direction, it’s quite is easy to start making fun effects. Looking forward to making some great mashups and music videos!

Endy Kenny is Hypno-Taoiseach


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2013-12-08 00.51.19


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I was at Luminate Festival in New Zealand in 2011 and was inspired to make this digital painting.


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Rhino Fractal


Nape Nape

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Nape nape

Inspired by a particularly enlightening experience a couple of years ago on a New Zealand beach watching the sun come up over the Pacific.