Mapping No Religion Ireland

Posted: March 2nd, 2013 | Tags: | Comments Off on Mapping No Religion Ireland

This map shows the percentage of people per electorial division that classified themselves “No Religion” in the 2011 Census in the Republic of Ireland.

Perhaps predictably, the cities can be seen to be generally non-religious. However, it’s interesting to note that outside the cities, some areas in particular have clusters of non-religious divisions. These areas seem to correspond with those traditionally associated with people seeking an “alternative lifestyle”, e.g. West Cork and County Clare.

This map was compiled from census 2011 data. I used GDAL to reproject, simplify and convert the Census ED Boundary shapefiles to GeoJSON. I uploaded the GeoJSON and the SAPS data to CartoDB and merged the tables. After that, CartoDB made it a pleasure to style the map and info windows.

Source: Central Statistics Office.

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