Bug in a Rug

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There exists an old Persian legend about a bug who spent his entire life in the world’s most beautifully designed rug:

All the bug ever saw in his lifetime was his problems. They stood up all around him, he couldn’t see over the top of them, and he had to fight his way through these tufts of wool, in the rug, to find some crumbs someone had spilled in the rug. And the tragedy of the story of the bug in the rug was this; that he lived and he died in the world’s most beautifully designed rug, but he never once knew that he spent his life in something which had a pattern.

2 Comments on “Bug in a Rug”

  1. 1 Ellen said at 03:08 on October 6th, 2009:

    I liked that story :-)
    Not exactly snug though…

  2. 2 Rugs said at 08:08 on June 4th, 2011:

    hmmm, quite interesting story… But i want to read the complete story. :(