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I have created my first jQuery plugin. Called jQuery.webcam, it is a plugin which allows jQuery to read data from a user’s webcam or other video capture device.


  • Until browsers support native webcam capture, an (open source) flash blob is used for the actual capture.
  • The plugin can optionally prompt the user to allow flash access the webcam.
  • The plugin writes the video to a canvas element.
  • Support for adding callbacks and filters.

There is a demonstration available (testing on Firefox 3.6). The performance is terrible at the moment, but I will be working to fix that.

I’m planning to use this plugin for my next interactive art installation, which will allow the participant to interact with a virtual environment using facial emotions. Stay tuned!

Update: I’ve put the source on github.

Update 2: Check out WebRTC for a future native browser implementation.

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