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And, just to prove Conall wrong, I’ve gone and got myself a job. A sweet one too; half data-entry, half web-design in a small office with good pay, nice people and a close location. Plus, they’re flying me to Vancouver to see how things work in Canadian motor-sports. Backstage pass to the pits and hospitality area too. Sweetislav.

Jenn’s working too. Yes Karl – on the streets. She’s campaigning for Californian forests, which basically means asking strangers for money. Not pleasant, but it pays the bills.

Cashflow is a bit tight till I get paid, so we’re moving out of this place because a) we can only pay by the month and b) the radiators bang incessantly between 6 and 6.30am. We’re moving to a residential hotel so we can pay by the week. It works out cheaper, but we won’t the kitchen facilities and free DSL we have here. Oh well. Sure I get free Innernet in work and we can eat out in one of this city’s fine, fine emporia. I’m getting sick of cooking anyway. Eventually, an apartment would be nice, but there’s no way we could afford the deposit.

So, looks like I’ll be staying after all. I’m going to change flights to as late as possible before Visa runs out in October. He said there might be more work after that, so I might try to extend my Visa. Either way, I’m planning to have a bit of a roadtrip before I leave. It’d be nice to see Vegas and Mexico while I’m in this neck of the woods.

In other news, I got a II.1 in me degree wotsit. Not too bad considering how little study I did, and the fact that I mixed up the dates for two exams. Would have like a first, but me happy all the same.

And now I’m off to watch the Daytona NASCAR race and swot up for work.