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MythMPD is a simple MPD client for MythTV. It shows the current playing song and the playlist and allows for the basic controls. It cannot (yet?) add to or edit the playlist.

I wrote this because a) I wanted it and b) other people seem to want it. I don’t really know much C, so it was a learning experience and is most likely shitty code. But, hey, it works.

I use MythTV at home, not so much to watch (dodgy Spanish) TV, but as a home media centre to watch DVDs and downloads, listen to music, etc in the salón. The existing MythMusic module is not so hot and the ecowarrier in me doesn’t like having the TV on all the time just to change music. To that end, I started using MPD to listen to and change music from the powerbook. However, I missed being able to use the remote control to pause and change volume, so MythMPD was born. I can now blindly use the remote to control the music in the living room, resorting to another mpd client when I need to add more music to the playlist.

Update: moved source to github.