The SmileBunny Project

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In which Mackers presents more of his arty bullshit… This is the same work that was exhibited a few months ago in Valencia. If you missed that, here is a short video I put together of the evening.

Enter the world of SmileBunny, a realm created from human emotion. This piece is an exploration of how technology’s indifferent understanding of facial expressions can be adapted to create a sort of virtual dimension; a place reflecting that most pure of human emotions, joy.

This is an interactive installation. Digital tools such as projectors and webcams might facilitate the opening of this gleeful gateway, yet it is you the participant who must guide the journey.

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I have created my first jQuery plugin. Called, it is a plugin which allows jQuery to read data from a user’s webcam or other video capture device.


  • Until browsers support native webcam capture, an (open source) flash blob is used for the actual capture.
  • The plugin can optionally prompt the user to allow flash access the webcam.
  • The plugin writes the video to a canvas element.
  • Support for adding callbacks and filters.

There is a demonstration available (testing on Firefox 3.6). The performance is terrible at the moment, but I will be working to fix that.

I’m planning to use this plugin for my next interactive art installation, which will allow the participant to interact with a virtual environment using facial emotions. Stay tuned!

Update: I’ve put the source on github.

Update 2: Check out WebRTC for a future native browser implementation.


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o2sms is a useful program to send SMS messages using the websites of Irish mobile operators. Despite its name, it supports all four major Irish operators – o2 Ireland, Vodafone Ireland, Meteor Ireland and Three Ireland.

I created this program and maintained it for several years, but I have since left Ireland and so have little interest in continuing to maintain it.

So… I have moved the project to SourceForge. Hopefully this will diversify maintainence and ensure continued development should I drop off the planet :) If you want developer-level access, please contact me.