Time Pope

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Speaking about leap years and generally time befudgery, can you imagine the Y2K-type bugs that would have happened if Cobol had been around when Pope Gregory XIII‘s calendar reforms eventually caused half of September, 1752 to be done away with? At least we’ve retrospectively sorted it:

betsie:~ mackers$ cal 9 1752
   September 1752
 S  M Tu  W Th  F  S
       1  2 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

You What?

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In Spanish, there are at least 48 ways of saying what would suffice in English with the phrase “you were”. Depending on who was, when it was and if it wasn’t really, we have:

Tense Ser Indicative Ser Subjunctive Estar Indicative Estar Subjunctive
Singular, Informal
Indefinite fuiste N/A estuviste N/A
Imperfect eras fueras/fueses estabas estuvieras/estuvieses
Perfect* has sido hayas sido has estado hays estado
Singular, Formal
Indefinite fue N/A estuvo N/A
Imperfect era fuera/fuese estaba estuviera/estuviese
Perfect ha sido haya sido ha estado haya estado
Plural, Informal
Indefinite fuisteis N/A estuvisteis N/A
Imperfect erais fuerais/fueseis estabais estuvierais/estuvieseis
Perfect habeis sido hayais sido habeis estado hayais estado
Plural, Formal
Indefinite fueron N/A estuvieron N/A
Imperfect eran fueran/fuesen estaban estuvieran/estuviesen
Perfect han sido hayan sido han estado hayan estado

* They sometimes use the perfect like we would the imperfect, so I’m including it for the sake of argument.

Some of these are probably never actually used. However, it does show the kind of mental jiggery needed to actually have a conversation about anything that happened before today.

[Updated with some corrections]

Knight Rider: The Lost Episodes Part 1

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Knight Rider: The Lost Episodes Part 1: Devon is Gay (and Hungarian)